Our study of Utah will be divided into five units: 

1. Utah's geography


2. The Native American tribes of Utah


3. The explorers, mountain men who helped map and explore early Utah


4. The Pioneers and why they came to Utah


5. History of Utah
after 1890

Historical Links

Who was Chief Massasoit?
Why is there a statue of a Massachusetts chief on the grounds of the
Utah State Capitol?

State of Utah Government Website
Direct link to the “About” section which provides some key points of Utah History.

History Channel and How Utah Got It’s Shape

Short video from the good folks at The History Channel... probably the last piece of history on The History Channel. We’ll save that for another discussion.

Utah History – Utah Department of Heritage Arts

Great resource. Do a little digging through the site and find answers to every one of the units we’ll be studying this year. Concise, yet with important details.


Life for the Pioneers in Utah

Article from Deseret News about the life of the pioneers after they entered the
Salt Lake Valley.