Dr. mario

I’m splitting Science
and Utah History with
Mrs. Callister.


If she has any papers or assignments needing to be posted, I’ll include them here. I will send you an e-mail whenever something important has been added to the Science page.

Scientifically-proven links

All About Dr. Mario Capecchi

There's a part of science called Genetic Engineering. Dr. Mario Capecchi has made some big breakthroughs in genetic engineering right here in Utah.

ecosystems writing assignment

Tell me about your diorama and what you learned.

Posted 10-4-19

ecosystems diorama - desert

Not something you eat after dinner. More sand and heat.

Posted 10-4-19

ecosystems diorama - forest

Lions, tigers, and bears. But without the lions and tigers.

Posted 10-4-19

ecosystems diorama - wetlands

Lots of water, birds, fish, and the occasional snake.

Posted 10-4-19