We’ll be concentrating on reading strategies to aid comprehension and fluency.

Along with this we will also be delving into organizing and writing both expository and narrative essays.

third term book report shoebox diorama

Instructions for making your Biography Bottle

Posted 1-17-19

a big list of books

32 books, six genres, hundreds of characters. Enjoy!

Posted 8-22-18

poems for the year

Two poems to choose from for each month of the year (except for December -- I think everyone is busy enough then). Pick one poem, memorize it, and recite it for me on the last Friday of the month. 

Posted 8-23-17

Well-written Links

Explore Shakespeare
All about Shakespeare, from his birthplace!

The Stories About Our Words

Wonder who came up with the words you are reading? Who came up with the word "word"? It‘s called Etymology.