and callister

I’m Mrs. Dearden!

I have been a teacher at Tolman Elementary for 14 years. I love Tolman. All four of my children attended elementary school here. I’m excited to teach your children in the fourth grade.

Our theme this year is T.E.A.M. -- Together Everyone Achieves More. We will approach every project with a Growth Mindset and learn how each person can bring something to the table to help everyone achieve more.


Just about everything you and your child need to know about fourth grade.

after hours help

Every Tuesday I’ll be staying for one hour after school to help with anything your child needs. No appointment necessary and no additional treats required! Just come by.


You can e-mail me via sdearden@dsdmail.net.

I promise to get back you within one day.

For more immediate needs during school hours, call the office at 1-801-402-1900.